Where Your Worst Nightmares Come to Life 

There are horrors all around us just waiting to rise up. Only Torch, an international organisation of very special agents can stand in their way. But can Hunter, Cat, Elliott and Dominika stop the terrors of your darkest nightmares from coming true?

"Hour of the Wolf" is the first in the new and much darker Shadow World series. The "Ripper" has returned but that is nothing compared with the evil and horror which is heading for London from below. Can teenage Torch agents Hunter and Cat stop them before they take over the world?

In "Return of the Gods" the Greek gods from Olympus have returned and they are not happy. Possessing magical powers and aided by monstrous creatures they set about taking back the Earth and enslaving all of its peoples'. Only Torch stands in their way. But how can Hunter and Cat defeat gods who cannot be killed?

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