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Here you will find fiction and non-fiction books on various subjects along with a blog exploring many fascinating stories from the sciences to the arts.

Blog – Feeding the Curious Mind

Good Luck. Break a Leg!

The term “Break a Leg” has been around in the theatrical world since the eighteenth century. It is often said to an actor who is about to go on stage and is meant to be a sign of good luck. It’s a strange thing to say, you might think, but like most things, there isContinue reading “Good Luck. Break a Leg!”

Dr Graham’s Celestial Bed

Today, doctors undergo a lot of training and study before they are even allowed near patients. And even then, they have further years of experience to acquire before they lose the term Junior Doctor. But that wasn’t always the case. If we go back to the eighteenth century, even those doctors who had been trainedContinue reading “Dr Graham’s Celestial Bed”

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