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Blog – Feeding the Curious Mind

Big Ben? That Rings a Bell

Big Ben in London is famous throughout the world, but there are aspects to the history of this structure that are not as well-known. Now, I’m sure there will be a lot of you who are saying we know what you are about to say and that is Big Ben is not the famous clock…

Your Train is Too Ugly

Like most people who use the train, you are likely to want to have the train come on time and to get a seat. Probably the last thing on your mind is how good-looking the locomotive pulling the carriages is? But that was the main criticism when the first train serve started up in London.…

Tom & Jerry – A Cat & Mouse Tale

I should imagine many of us know exactly who we are referring to when we hear the words Tom and Jerry. I enjoyed their antics both as a child and an adult. A mouse and a cat in constant battles with each other and causing some terrible injuries on each other, but the next second,…

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