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Here you will find fiction and non-fiction books on various subjects along with a blog exploring many fascinating stories from the sciences to the arts.

Blog – Feeding the Curious Mind

How to Lose a Battle in Barnet

Barnet in north London will probably admit it is not very famous for landmarks in British history. Even today, it is a normal urban part of London like so many other boroughs. However, on the 14th April 1471, it was the location of a battle which had consequences for who would next wear the Royal…

Interviewed by Estelle Van de Velde

The Author and YouTube broadcaster Estelle Van de Velde recently asked to interview me about my writing philosophy, style and output. It was first broadcast on 30th May 2023 and if you click on the link below, you will be taken straight to it.

Sold to You the Reader

Auction Houses are located in many towns and cities around the world. They can vary  from small local companies selling furniture and other household pieces which may sell for conservative amounts right up to the largest and most prestigious, auctioning fine art and other valuable collectables for millions of pounds. London, of course, does not…

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