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Blog – Feeding the Curious Mind

The Silence of the Tubes

One of the biggest complaints about travelling on the London Underground is the noise in the carriages when the train goes over certain areas of the tracks. Exactly what can be done today and the associated costs and logistics I will leave to Transport for London or TFL. What I would like to highlight here,…

The Real Book of the Dead

These days cremations are popular. But before they became acceptable, the dead were buried. Now, if we understand that in years gone by, London was made up of villages or particular areas with their own church and graveyard. These obviously still exist, but stay with me. Today, we not only have cremations but there are…

The Pig Fat Lady

There are sayings which state that if you have very strange habits and you are rich, then you are an eccentric. However, if you exhibit the same traits and you are either poor or just not rich, then people will often say that you are mad. Today, when hopefully we are a lot more understanding…

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