Feeding the Curious Mind Series

London Uncovered

Book I in the series “Feeding the Curious Mind” is called “London Uncovered.” But what is there to uncover from one of the best-known cities in the world? Every place has secrets, things that have been forgotten either through the influence of history, events that may have been covered up to protect the guilty or just incidents or locations that have some weird or quirky side to them.

And if we consider London, with over two thousand years of history behind it, we can find a great treasure trove of the unlikely or amazing hiding around the corner, above you or often, below the ground you are standing on. Some involve famous people and memorable events, but many are about lesser-known individuals and places you may not have heard of. But after reading about them, you will find it difficult to forget them.

So, whether you are an armchair historian, a collector of the strange and macabre or just want to be entertained and mildly surprised at what you read, then sit back and enjoy a journey through London’s murky, but utterly interesting past.

Unexplained World

Book II in the series “Feeding the Curious Mind” takes us into the world of the unexplained, including mysteries, both well-known and obscure, as well as murders and other crimes from history and recent ones which are still unsolved.

In addition, there are stories of the uncanny. These are not about skeletons rattling their chains but well-documented cases which raises the question of what is really happening. I do not believe in ghosts as such and in most of the cases, I set out the evidence and give you my opinion. But at end, it is you, the reader, who will make your own judgement. And in some of the examples, you may find that your conclusion will surprise you.

So, if your hunger for knowledge stretches to a large asteroid strike in the twentieth century, spontaneous human combustion, lost aircraft, disappearing towns, lost treasures which are almost certainly still undiscovered, a family of serial killers, a witch who sent the US Army retreating, the remotest place on Earth where you will likely be murdered by the inhabitants and a secret nuclear explosion which still defies explanation, then this book will give you the facts as we know them and feed your imagination.

Secret Universe

It has been famously said that Space is the Final Frontier. And the more we penetrate it, the stranger and more amazing it becomes. We are finding the planets and moons in our solar system hold many secrets. Oceans of subterranean water, worlds of ice and great geysers bursting up from the surface into space all appear to be part of our family of planets.

And as we move further out into the galaxy and then into the universe, even stranger objects and phenomena are waiting for us. Giant black holes seem to be at the centre of every galaxy and their presence may even hold one of the secrets of why the universe is the way it is.

In this Book III of Feeding the Curious Mind, we will travel back in time to see how the universe could have come into existence and how it might all end. But that is only half the story. It is also about the special breed of men and women who first imagined being able to go into space and to those who are now the new pioneers and explorers of the “undiscovered country.” From the earliest flights to space stations and moon landings, the successes, the failures and the tragedies are all here. And where we have not yet travelled, space probes and robot rovers are leading the way.

One of the big questions is, “Are we alone in the universe?” The evidence coming back to us is saying that life may very well exist on other worlds. We are discovering new evidence which points to it. The latest space probes are actively looking for it. Humans are at heart, explorers. We have mapped our own planet and now we are on our way to exploring new worlds. It’s an exciting universe, you can start your exploration of it here.

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