Knights of Zardonia Series

Dragon’s Claw

Dragon’s Claw is the first in the series. It is 2199 and the Earth has been overrun by the flesh-eating Verm. Space cadets Tom Sterling, Jetta Goddard amd Red Thomson become humanity’s last hope for survival.

As Tom ventures deep into the galaxy seeking help, he meets a young knight on a mission. Together they learn that the universe is not all that it seems. Legends, magical powers and mystic forces come crashing together as Tom uncovers the true nature of space and time and realises his own ultimate destiny. The universe will never be the same again.

Dark Angel

Space is a wonderful but dangerous place. And it has just got a lot more deadly. Giant creatures appear and rip apart anyone or anything in their way. Black Holes pop into existence without warning and devour everything around it and then disappear.

Someone or something has awakened. Something evil is stirring and it is coming closer. And it is spreading not only across the galaxy but is infecting other dimensions. Old and new enemies are joining forces. A demon army is on the move and the universe is slipping into chaos.

Tom Sterling and his friends Jetta Goddard, Red Thomson and Sir Galliad once again find themselves fighting to save the galaxy. Their quest leads them to worlds where science and magic clash and the rules of the universe no longer hold true. Together they must uncover the darkest secrets that have been hidden for all time. But there is a price to pay; one of them must die.

Rogue Knight

Black shadows have appeared and are moving relentlessly across the galaxy. They devour worlds and star systems as they travel and now there is one heading straight for Earth. But there is worse to come. The Dark Angel has returned and this time he has one mission – to destroy Fate and the universe as we know it.

Once again, Tom Sterling, Jet, Red and Galliad are pitched into a battle with mystical forces outside of space and time. And all the while they are being tracked by a stranger who holds an ancient secret. A secret which will change them and the universe forever.

Time Warrior

He came from the distant future and was the most dangerous terrorist in the galaxy. Trajen was a Time Warrior, a master of time travel and he was on a mission – one that focused on Tom Sterling. Which was strange as Tom Sterling was dead.

Across the galaxy the terror attacks begin – outrages against the Verm and Japeski. Fleets are mobilised ready for war, but against whom? The finger of blame points to the Earth and the Knights of Zardonia. Old enemies now form alliances and move their fleets to engage the Knights and the Earth.

With the galaxy on the brink of war Trajen sets traps throughout Earth’s distant past – traps which will change history. And as space and time fall into chaos a deep secret is revealed – the Guardians must return. Legends, magic and the forces of good and evil collide across the galaxy and through time. But the worst is yet to come. A doomsday device has been planted in Earth’s ancient past and it is about to activate.

Demon Rift

Legends are truths lost in time and legendary creatures are no exception. The Earth is suddenly subjected to rips in space and time out of which they come. They have a mission and a purpose – to spread terror in advance of invasion. And the Earth is not alone; other outposts in the galaxy are attacked. The Knights of Zardonia are helpless as key personnel are kidnapped and taken to a new dark realm.

Terror reigns but worse is to come. The being responsible is one of the most powerful in the universe and was sworn to protect it from the dawn of time. Tom Sterling and his friends find themselves alone defending the galaxy against untold numbers of new demons.

And appearing within their number is the mysterious Adam Gaia. He holds the answer to the secrets of the past and to one in the present. Where did he really come from and why does he have a personal interest in them and the demons? Fate itself is powerless to intervene and must watch as the galaxy falls into enslavement and chaos. For Tom Sterling, as he prepares to meet his nemesis, he knows that he can expect no help from any quarter. A duel in the sun with the galaxy as the ultimate prize; for Tom, it doesn’t get better than this.

Devil Plague

Something evil is coming. From the outer edge of the galaxy it approaches. And wherever it passes it leaves a trail of death and destruction in its path. Pandara the Warrior Queen and her followers are a ruthless band of terrorists intent on bringing chaos to the galaxy. And guiding them is a much more malevolent force; Algo whose influence can control minds from great distances, is reaching out from his prison.

Tom Sterling is the one person who can stop him. But he too is now being controlled and has rebelled against everyone and everything he has ever known. No longer a member of the World Space Agency, he is a renegade who is now in league with Pandara.

Together they plan to steal the most dangerous substance in the galaxy – the Devil Plague. Just a few drops will end all life on a planet. And the Earth is their first target. The Knights of Zardonia find themselves unable to fight back as they become embroiled in a war against both the Verm and Japeski. And behind it all, the Sage has a secret – one that will lead to Algo re-entering the galaxy as its new ruler.

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