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The BBC ghost of Room 333

It is Halloween this weekend and from my book “Secret Haunted London” this is perhaps the most difficult sighting to explain… I dare you to read on…     The Langham Hotel is an imposing building at 1 Portland Place opposite BBC Broadcasting House off Regent Street just north of Oxford Circus. It was designed byContinue reading “The BBC ghost of Room 333”

Tapping into Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse was born on the 27th April 1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He went to Yale College and studied a wide range of subjects including mathematics, religious philosophy and the science of horses. He also had a flair for art and was able to support himself in college by painting portraits and other commissions.    Continue reading “Tapping into Samuel Morse”

Marconi – Radio Head

Marconi is probably best remembered for the company he set up under his name. And because of the high profile of this company, many people believe he invented the radio. But in fact, he worked on it with Karl Ferdinand Braun and they together received the 1909 Nobel Prize for Physics.     Marconi was bornContinue reading “Marconi – Radio Head”


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