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Flight into the Unknown

Aircraft have gone missing ever since they first took to the air. As their range and endurance increased, aircraft would venture further and further afield and eventually to cross oceans. This resulted in there being more lost aircraft never to be found again. And one of the most puzzling happened to one of the mostContinue reading “Flight into the Unknown”

It’s Raining Birds

This strange event happened to the small American town of Beebe on New year’s day 2011. The bodies covered an area of approximately one square mile. They were everywhere; in gardens, on roads, pavements, everywhere.     So, what was it that caused this mysterious event?     Medical examination of the birds showed that they hadContinue reading “It’s Raining Birds”

The Girls who Fell to Earth

One of the early airlines to operate scheduled European flights from North-East London and on the borders of Essex (Stapleford Aerodrome to be exact) flourished from 1934 to 1939. It was known as Hillman Airways and was started by a bus and coach operator in the region, Edward Henry Hillman. They operated twin-engine DH RapidesContinue reading “The Girls who Fell to Earth”


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