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Prisoner of Art

A strange title. Could it mean an artist who was so caught up in his profession that it almost imprisoned him from doing other things? No. What it means is that it should be taken more literally. This is about an artist who was commissioned by City of London to design a statue of QueenContinue reading “Prisoner of Art”

Money Maketh the Miser

Money maketh the man is the correct saying but in some cases, it appears to have the opposite effect. The more money you earn or inherit, the more-stingy you become. And this applies to the miser as well as most others he or she would meet. In addition, the condition can affect whole families andContinue reading “Money Maketh the Miser”

Last in Class

I have it fairly good authority that the following story is true. And if so, I’m a little bit concerned it might give the railway companies of today some ideas that were put into operation by their forebears. This is a story about class which immediately takes us to the Victorian era. But, is thisContinue reading “Last in Class”


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