Shadow World

Hour of the Wolf

Have you ever noticed some movement out of the corner of your eye and when you looked, there was nobody there? If so then you’ve probably encountered one of the shadow creatures. They live below us and walk amongst us. And they have only hate for the surface dwellers or the people of the light as we are called.

Over the centuries they have killed, kidnapped and committed untold numbers of crimes; most of which are marked down as unsolved. Some of the most horrific acts of violence that went unpunished were the work of the shadow warriors.

And now they are ready to invade. Acts of violence and aggression are increasing in severity. Only the Torch Network have agents who are capable of seeing the shadow creatures within the darkness. And their latest recruit, 17 year old Adam Hunter has been thrown into the conflict. Together with fellow agent, Cat, they must find a way to stop the Shadow King and his warriors from unleashing a weapon that will exterminate all life on the surface of the Earth.

Return of the Gods

They were the stuff of dreams or nightmares. Mighty gods with seemingly magical powers battling exotic creatures whilst at the same time plotting for advantages against each other.

These were the Greek Myths. But were they just myths? Nothing had been heard, seen or been spoken about them by witnesses for thousands of years. They had been consigned to the mists of ancient history and folk tales.

But now, some have returned. And they’re not happy. They have come to take back their rightful place over all the peoples of the Earth who must bow down before them or die.

London is under fierce attack from diabolical creatures and an army of skeletal warriors whilst the rest of Earth’s greatest cities are about to be thrown back to the Dark Ages.

Only Torch stands in their way but how can Hunter, Cat, Elliott and Dominika defeat gods who cannot be killed?

Legends of the Dark

Throughout history there have been stories told of strange creatures. They journeyed across many lands leaving in their wake a trail of lifeless and bloody corpses. Terror reigned in both towns and countryside until no one person felt safe. In each century they would appear, ravage, destroy and kill. Communities would rise up and attempt to fight back and by sheer weight of numbers, these demons would return to where they came.

But each time they arose, they became stronger. These were the dark legends of the past; vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other unspeakable creatures that would take their bloody revenge upon the human race.

And now they have returned. But this time they have a most dangerous ally. Crowda, the infamous shadow warrior is raising an army to once again invade the human surface world he so despises. And behind them all is the Dark Master, a creature of great power who wishes nothing less than complete control of the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

There is only one force that stands in their way – Torch. Hunter, Cat, Elliott and Dominika soon find they are powerless even to save their own agents. They are left to stand alone as the planet crashes about them.

Attack of the Hive

It came from the far reaches of the galaxy; a speck in the blackness of space. An alarm sounded as it crossed into the solar system. Was it a comet? Was it an asteroid? Could it be something else? As it enters Earth orbit, everything becomes clear. A spacecraft over one mile across has arrived.

Who are they? What are they? And what do they want? The questions are soon answered; the Earth has been singled out to be excavated. Mining ships appear and soon the planet is being ripped apart. Eventually the molten core will be released ending all life on the surface and in the Shadow World beneath.

Torch is faced with an enemy who has no care for life, only its mission. Attempts to fight back only result in further destruction. It is time to think the unthinkable. An order goes out; to release the most dangerous creature on the planet.

Cat and Hunter along with Elliott and Dominika must take the fight from the surface to below ground and then out into space. Four agents against impossible odds as the Earth below crumbles and burns.

Rise of the Underworld

After the attack by the Hive, both the world of humans and the shadow world are in turmoil. Crowda, the leader of the renegade shadow warriors is ready to take his revenge on both worlds and plots to buy nuclear weapons to achieve his goal. But a chance sighting by a shadow warrior and a note in an archive by a Torch agent over a century earlier leads everyone to suspect a new unknown world lies deep below the surface and shadow worlds.

Who are they? What are they? It soon becomes clear that the legends of the underworld in Norse mythology are true. Led by the vicious queen, Hel, with gods of war and vengeance at her side along with dragons and giant wolves, and an army of evil dead warriors, they plan to once again invade and enslave the world of humans. Which is perfect for Crowda who is desperate to find a new ally as evil as himself.

With forces joined, the underworld rises and attacks. Torch tries to stand in their way but soon Oberon, Elliott and Dominika face imminent death as Torch headquarters is overrun. And in the planet’s hour of need, Hunter and Cat have deserted and are nowhere to be found. Faced with their destruction, there remains only one alternative. But it will mean the end of the world.

Dawn of the Apocalypse

There’s trouble coming, big trouble. For the last three years, the Earth has been attacked by various beings from beneath the surface as well as from space and other dimensions. And each time, Torch has had to face them. But these are not coincidences. They have been orchestrated by a dark force, one that has lived in legend throughout time as the ultimate symbol of evil.

Oberon, the head of Torch knows this; it is one of two ultra-secrets he has kept from everybody including his top agents, Elliott, Cat, Hunter and Dominika. He knows that these attacks have coincided with the arrival of Hunter.

But then the evil arrives, and new volcanoes, earthquakes and violent thunderstorms break out all over the planet. The air begins to turn toxic. It is as though the Earth’s climate is finally getting its revenge for the abuse of its resources. And through it all, Hunter is transported to a realm where he sees what the final fate of the planet will be.

Hunter’s destiny is shown to him. He must try to find his hidden ability to change things but an assassin from his past is out to kill him and when a rip in spacetime appears near the Earth and releases an army of dark angels; well, it’s enough to ruin anyone’s day.

From the Earth’s core to outer space, the forces of good and evil clash head-on. The planet is in flames and in the centre of it all…Hunter is still very confused.

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