I’m John Pullen, author, filmmaker and pilot.

For 25 years I worked in the film industry, first as a cameraman, (film and video), and then as a scriptwriter and director of documentaries, corporate programs and live TV events. It was great fun travelling to many countries, getting to do things and going to places where you’re not normally allowed and be paid for the privilege.

But everything changes and some years ago I went back to writing books full-time which is what I do now. I love writing fiction for young adults and adults who are young. My non-fiction covers a wide range of subjects including pilot training, health and the secret histories of London. There are presently over 35 books to choose from.

For the last 30 years I’ve been a pilot and have been fortunate to have flown a wide number of planes including single and multi-engine aircraft and a military jet.

I presently live near London and including all the above, I also love playing and watching tennis.

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