Rogue Patriot Series

Return of the Soldier

The “Rogue Patriot” series are thrillers for adults set against the modern world of international crime and terrorism. Police and security services can no longer keep pace with new planet-wide outrages.

A new force must be assembled; one that operates outside of the law and fights fire with fire. Sword is that cutting-edge. Led by the inscrutable Socrates, he enlists the services of various agents and assassins from around the world. Each has been ostracised from their own country in one way or another.

Jack Carter is an ex-soldier with a grudge and a list of who he intends to kill. Blade is a female Russian assassin on the run and Dempsey is an ex-CIA operative with the wrong type of conscience. Finally, there is Lei Cheng, a brilliant young hacker from China who made the deadly mistake of putting her country’s secret atrocities on to the internet.

Together, they have found a new home and purpose. They have become Rogue Patriots.

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