Room to Live

Our planet is not as hospitable as you might like to think. And finding the right environment in which to live may not be that straightforward. Many parts of the world are not that suitable for humans to survive in. The oceans are pretty much out for the vast majority of us. But so is much of the land area. We have mountain ranges where the terrain is difficult. There are artic areas which are too cold and desert lands which offer little water and high temperatures.

But if you were to guess what proportion of the land area of this planet was suitable for human life to thrive, what do you think the percentage might be? Is it 40%, 50% or 60% perhaps? The answer is a sobering 12%. And if we include the oceans in this scenario, the number drops to 4% of the planet being hospitable to human life. Food for thought as Climate Change continues to make its mark on our world.

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