The men who saved Shakespeare

In the City of London there exists the remains of a church called St Mary Aldermanbury. It is located just behind the London Guildhall. Today there is little more than a garden remaining on the original site after it was destroyed by a German bomb dropped during the London Blitz.

The church is now a garden

    However, the rubble was gathered up and transported to Fulton, Missouri in the USA where it was used to rebuild the church. The reason why Fulton was chosen was that in 1946 Sir Winston Churchill made his speech from there where he warned of the “Iron Curtain” that would come down between Europe and Russia. The church was erected to commemorate this event.

    Upon entering the garden, you will find a bronze bust of the dramatist, William Shakespeare located there. Shakespeare is buried at Stratford-upon-Avon but two of his actors are buried here. Their names were Henry Condell and John Heminge. The reason they are so important is if it were not for them, we might never have known about Shakespeare or any of his works.

Bronze bust of Shakespeare

    You see, Shakespeare never published any of his plays and didn’t even make copies in order to keep for the future. Instead, it was left to some of his followers and actors to do the job for him. And through their endeavours, we have the rare and famous First Folios of Shakespeare’s plays.

    Finally, there is one more person or should I say, infamous person, buried here. It is Judge Jeffreys, known as the “Hanging Judge” for obvious reasons. It is believed he had a home close to here. But to finish on a brighter note, the poet John Milton also married another of his wives here in 1656.

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