The Statue No One Wanted

To have a statue erected in your memory is perhaps one of the greatest compliments people can pay you. Having a statue planned for you and then finding no one was prepared to pay for it and even when built, everyone hated it, then maybe you’ve not led a life to be proud of. So, who is the lucky or unlucky recipient? It was to Frederick, the Duke of York and second son of George III. In hindsight, a generation of royals who didn’t have that much going for them.

Frederick, Duke of York

    Frederick’s greatest contribution was to run up enormous debts. When it was suggested a statue should be put up to Frederick, no one stepped forward to pay for it. Even Prince George, his older brother took a step back. The government then went to Frederick’s rich friends, all of whom declined the offer to finance the project.

The Statue No One Wanted

    So, what did the government do to honour a person detested by most of the country. They stopped a day’s wages from every soldier in the British Army. Now, that’s a way to keep everyone happy and on side, I don’t think.

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