Mind the Ghost! Phantoms on the Underground

When I research stories about London, it appears that there are more ghosts in London than living people. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when I researched my book “Secret Haunted London” available on Amazon, it seems that every pub in London boasts a ghost of some sort. And I don’t mean the spirits behind the bar! This also goes for other establishments such as theatres.

So, it should come as no surprise to discover that the London Underground also has its fair share of phantoms and ghostly sightings. There are too many to list and discuss, but here a few of the more interesting ones. It has been suspected for a long time that Liverpool Station was built upon a plague pit that contained the graves of hundreds or even thousands of victims of the Black Death and Great Plague.

This in itself is not that surprising as there are many such plague pits dotted around London. Most have been built over, but every now and again, new building works uncovers skeletons. There are set procedures in place when such discoveries are made. It is first established that the bodies are not recent, which then allows the police not to have to investigate. Then the Museum of London archaeologists are called in and given some time to excavate, record the scene and then remove them for either storage or reburial. After this, it is not surprising that the sightings are of alleged plague victims.

Two thousand years ago, the Romans ruled London, then called Londinium, and there are apparently still echoes of them today. For instance, Monument Station is said to have entertained columns of Roman soldiers marching through the tunnels. At the time of writing the Night Tube does not run through this station, so they might be safe for the time being!

There is a different type of apparition which is said to have appeared at Aldgate Station to the east of the City of London. It involved a worker on the Underground who had an accident and was knocked unconscious. His co-worker went for help and when he returned, he saw a ghostly woman comforting his colleague. She apparently did not stay around to be questioned.

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