Scotland is in London

With some in Scotland wishing to have another referendum on separating from the rest of the United Kingdom, it may sound a little unlikely that there is a part of London which is Scottish. To find out how this happened, we have to go back to before the 1707 Act of Union which brought Scotland into the Union. Up until then or to be more precise, from the tenth century, Scotland was an independent country.

    As a result, Scotland maintained an embassy in London. Incidentally, it is also worth noting that for a time, the US State of Texas also had its own embassy in London before becoming a part of the USA. But back to Scotland. Now, if you think about it, the area of London we are talking about is not only famous, but has more than a passing connection to Scotland.

Scotland Yard

    It is in fact, Scotland Yard, always associated with the Metropolitan Police Service. Originally, the area was called Great Scotland Yard and consisted also of Middle Scotland Yard and Little Scotland Yard. Today, we are left with one Scotland Yard. It is by the Thames near to Whitehall and Westminster. However, the police have moved their headquarters a few times over the years. But their latest location is not far away.

    This may be interesting but why is it still considered a part of Scotland and not England? As with a lot of things, it was a bit of a cock-up. When the Act of Union was signed, no one remembered to abolish the status of the Scotland Embassy. Therefore, Scotland Yard itself remains Scottish territory.

    It gets even crazier when you consider that the rules governing a foreign embassy means that the police have no jurisdiction to enter there. Therefore, it is laughable that for years the police may have been encamped illegally in their own headquarters!

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